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Drexel Furniture Company was created in Drexel, North Carolina on November 10, 1903.  Originally managed by Samuel Huffman, the enterprise was founded by him and 5 other men with an initial investment of $14,000.  

Originally a low-priced furniture manufacturer, the company began to manufacture medium-priced furniture in order to spend more money on advertising after the death of Samuel Huffman in 1935.  By 1950, Drexel became a leading manufacturer in traditional and modern furniture.  Drexel soon began to acquire other furniture companies including Table Rock Furniture, Heritage Furniture, Company, and Morganton Furniture Company.  By 1957 the company sold products all over the country in 2500 different stores, and had grown from 500 employees in 1950 to 2300 employees. 

In the late 1960s Drexel began to focus on furniture for offices, dorms, hospitals, libraries, schools, and churches.  They merged with the Southern Desk company in 1961, and were bought by Plywood Champion Papers in 1968.  

Prominent Designers include John Van Koert, Milo Baughman, Edward Wormley, Barney Flagg, and many others.