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John Van Koert

John Van Koert

Jon Van Koert was a designer of silverware and furniture.  A soldier of World War 2, Jon Van Koert studied painting and sculptuing at the University of Wisconsin.  

His furniture and flatware were chosen to represent mordernism in multiple travelling exhibitions, and he was the exhibition director of notable exhibitions.  During the course of his life Jon Van Koert was a driving force in bringing Danish modern and Scandinavian modern designs to America.

Jon Van Koert designed furniture for Drexel, where his designs were presented in the show rooms of department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdale's.  Jon Van Koert had a much different philosophy on furniture than most designers of his day, picturing furniture in houses one day being treated like kitchen cabinetry where it would be built-in to the house itself.

John began designing traditional furniture for a company named Serried ltd from 1974-1994